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24 Jan


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Apple Airport Disk Disconnects

January 24, 2014 | By | No Comments

I run my wifi using an Aiport Extreme (Gen2) and extend the network with an Airport Express. I run on the 5GHz only Radio Mode to take advantage of a faster transmit rate (300mbs). However with some of the latest firmware updates, some things have broke. With the newest updates, the extending (airport express) doesn’t work, the transmit rates are lower, and with the latest airport extreme updates, I seem to get many Disk drops (I have a hard drive connected to the extreme).

So here are the settings that are working better for me.

1. Airport Extreme – I rolled back to firmware 7.6.3 (7.6.4 is the current version)
2. Airport Express – I rolled back to 7.6.1 (7.6.4 is the current version)

This produces a stable network for me. No Disk drops and a 300 transmit rate. I’m sitting about 20-25 feet from the router with the Express somewhere in between. I’ve also turned automatic updates off so the firmware doesn’t update itself.

I Thought this might be helpful for the googlers looking up disk disconnect problems. Might want to give it a whirl.

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