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09 Aug


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Email to Text Message (SMS) from Gmail

August 9, 2013 | By | No Comments

I have a client who needed to setup desktop notifications for gmail, but the solutions are few and far between. We decided we would attempt to instead setup a filter that would forward specific emails to a text message (sms) so he could get notification on whatever platform (phone, windows chat client, etc). And the solution is lightening fast… realtime.

Here’s how we set it up (technically)… Email to Google Talk XMPP Gateway….

There’s a little form field on this site, you plug in your gmail address here. It returns to you and long address in the form of an email, looks like this…

We added this new long address to the list of forwarding accounts in gmail. Then we setup a filter in gmail, in this case based on subject line. As the gmail server would receive the email, it would simultaneously push out an email to the new address. The new address pushes is to a google chat text message. The result is a notification popping up on the gmail screen, and also through and google chat clients we had setup (all simultaneous, ichat, trillion, phone, you name it) and all give loud obnoxious sounds if you so choose).

So this would be great for any situation where you might need the fastest possible notification of receiving an email.. it’s all realtime. The text message actually does pop up with a bling a couple seconds before even the gmail interface will display it.

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